In the past I have held many different jobs and learned many skills. Some of them are skills that others would love to know more about themselves. Some are skills others would prefer that I perform for them. Realizing that, I have decided to offer instruction and professional services to enhance your life in ways only an eclectic, whimsical creature such as myself could.

  • With years of different experiences in the restaurant industry, four years ago I became a certified Bar Tending Instructor. I instructed in Asheville N.C. and Greenville S.C. simultaneously between 2010 and 2011. I left to pursue other opportunities, but have found that I miss teaching bar keeping. Hence the birth of Trixologie 101.
  • Living a gluten free lifestyle can be challenging at times, but armed with generations of kitchen wisdom I’ve been converting my family’s favorite recipes and beloved recipes by other cooks into gluten free friendly alternatives. With three books in the works at the moment, I’m sure I will provide the answers to The Cobbler Conundrum and the Quiche Queries… Feel free to ask! I may put the answer in a blog!
  • We live in very interesting times. Love is in the air and people everywhere are getting married in more and more creative ways, in more and more varied places. They don’t always want a traditional officiant. Sometimes they want someone in costume, or who will try to accommodate even the craziest concepts. Bizarre IS the Name! Of course, I can be conservative if that’s what’s called for as well. From Trad to D/s to outdoor life, to cosplay Trixie’s gotcha covered!
  • A well trained Carnival Sideshow Talker is hard to find… But you have found one! I’m available to Talk for your event, or I can bring along The Strange Thing ~ Miniature Mystery Museum to your convention, party, exhibit or fundraiser. I can be as creepy or as sweet as you need for me to be for your guests to enjoy the show! I am also available for films, alternative modeling and promotions. Anything you need a weird chick for!



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