Dropping Out

I’ve done it quietly many times before. I took dance for five years in elementary school and then for one more in high school. I have started and stopped college three times. This time I want to make a little noise. I’m dropping out of the 40 hour paradigm. It’s not like I fit in in that world anyway. It’s time to stop forcing a square peg into a round hole.

So… what will I do to earn my keep? Several things! I am currently working on several inventions- Because I’m the crazy crackpot inventor in my family! Call me Caracatca Potts, if you will. I am doing it for myself here at the outset. With my feeble drafting skills I will patent and then create a presentation and license my creations one at a time. After speaking to a fellow at one of those companies that is famous for helping people do this, I realized if I’m going to pour my heart and soul into it I have just as good a chance of it going my way with or without them. They are a luxury service for people with more money than time… Time is what I’ve GOT. I realized that all the market research and sourcing was something I really could do for myself and you can too! So before you plunk down $6000+ join me on my journey. Or … do what I’ve done. Go to the Library where the information (access to government funded market research, order of operations from idea to your payday, etc.) is FREE. Sure, there will be some expenses along the way, but you can get some projects off the ground for less than $1000. So why should you pay them six times that?

You shouldn’t. Unless you have already got a cash flow that allows you to afford it and still go hang gliding in Brazil. If you are like me though, you are trying to create such a scenario and are currently scraping by. You never adjusted well to the rest of America’s Work Hard and Earn a Well Deserved Pay scheme. Money can go into a bank but time can’t.I haven’t traveled abroad since I was in high school and it was the only time I’ve done it so far. That was too many years ago to acknowledge publicly! So between freelancer gigs and drawing board sketches and then between sourcing materials for my first project and doing the laundry I shop.

I am currently awaiting the arrival of a new two liter hydration backpack bladder to replace my old one. I’m secretly hoping to take up running again. I looked around and I’m not a Rockefeller and I realize most things that can be found to purchase as a name brand item can also be purchased at close to wholesale on the right websites, but are they as good? SO far I’ve ordered from these types of sites before with great results. So as well as following me on the journey of becoming an inventor, watch as I anticipate trying new products, as well as the unboxing and trials.


2liter backpack bladder pic credit banggood.com

Order your own bladder here: http://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Outdoor-2L-TPU-Material-Water-Bag-Bicycle-Backpack-Water-Bottles-p-66466.html?p=KJ17121641856201505S get hands on, and when you get yours post a response!

Droppin’ out-