Breaking Bad Habits…

SO. I Deactivated my Facebook account. Four days after my 35th birthday. It’s… left me with a lot of free time. Thinking and reading time. It’s maddening to really notice how many times a day I checked it. How much time a wasted over the last few years. I haven’t blogged or written a recipe in MONTHS. I have been so sucked in to it that I quit exercising and gained back more weight than I’d lost. Granted it took a while to do but now I’m back at square one. I don’t blame Facebook. I blame myself. I finally realized it is like a drug to me though and I have to get clean. So I deactivated my account. I thought about it for days. After deleting half of my friends list though and still thinking that I didn’t really feel a connection to the majority of those people or that I’d outgrown that connection it just made sense. I used to think of facebook as a great way to network and that THAT was what I was doing. I wasn’t. I was hanging out. I was being a wallflower, pretending to be included by “the cool kids” I went to high school with 17 years ago. And I realized I was becoming more and more depressed.

ANYway, Yesterday I started tracking my diet again and got out the Gazelle and glided through about 35 minutes of Youtube videos. Then I walked the dog around in the bumpy lumpy unused cow pasture next to my house. I let her off of her leash and she got a little more adventurous than usual. Found a hole in the fence and went on an inspection. I went to see Wicked and didn’t post a bunch of pictures on the internet or take pictures of my pizza at Mellow Mushroom (we got half Philosopher’s Pie and half cheese). I put a run in no less than 3 pairs of stockings by the end of the night including the ones Pequeliermo ran out and bought for me while I was getting ready. We laughed and walked and met actors and I took pictures of my niece with them. We met Richard H. Blake, who in addition to being dreamy and talented is gracious and kind. He retook pics with people who didn’t liek what they looked like next to a freaking Ken doll of a man (Naturally, not like that Justin dude with the fake abs). I was like, “None of you look as good in your theater clothes as this guy does in his post-show casual clothes.” I was a hit because I have the title of a song from the show tattooed on my wrist. “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”. It’s a good philosophy. Keeps me from going all out to try to help someone who may not appreciate it.nogooddeedtat.jpg

I digress. Anyway. I’m trying to live a life less facebooked. We’ll see how this goes.

Drink more water. Play more games. Stop looking through this window all day long.